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Tarot Card Deck


Designing for Change

Games are a fantastic medium for play, curiosity, connection, and learning.  Sam designs analog/tabletop games that provide thinking frameworks to address creativity, embodiment, and the ways people and systems engage.

Conversational Shrapnel

A tiny creativity instigator, developed in collaboration with and available at Galileo Games.  

The Old Ways Must Go

Games and other tools evolve in purpose and use over time.  This is particularly true of tarot, a card game developed in the 15th century that has modern uses from psychology to collaborative art.  The Old Ways Must Go uses any tarot, oracle or imagery deck to engage people in critical conversations about repairing and rebuilding outdated, toxic, or harmful systems.  It is launching on Kickstarter Feb 1, 2024 as part of 'Zine Quest.  Learn more and follow the project there.

White Space

A game about archival control, power, credibility, and how narratives change over time.  Players take turns making changes to a shared narrative, as each turn more of the source material erodes and fades.  Who will decide what is true?  How do our own experiences and beliefs engage with source materials?  

With applications from academics to archivists, from intelligence analysis to critical thinking for high schoolers and beyond, White Space challenges us to think about what inhabits the space in and around the text of our most cherished stories.  

Publication pending, playtests available to select groups and gaming events.  

More Games

You can also look for Sam's games and collaborations  at

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