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Aerially: Somatics in Flight

Touchwork with or without touch.  Tablework without a table

What is Aerially

Aerially allows for 'tablework' AKA touch- and somatic awareness activities to occur truly anywhere.  Aerial fabrics used in yoga and circus, along with portable mounting equipment replace the cumbersome massage table, and provides greater freedom of movement, containment, and engagement for somatic work.

Who can benefit from Aerial Somatics?

Aerially supports all body shapes up to the weight limit of the fabric and/or mounting equipment, typically up to 275lbs/125kg for stationary work.
-Provides pressure and support that mimics touch, and supports interoceptive awareness (awareness of inner sensory experiences)
-an alternative approach for those with neurodivergence, sensory-sensitivity, and chronic pain.
-Engages multiple parts of the nervous system to maximize benefits of session time
-Equipment used is affordable and multipurpose for personal home use, if desired

How Does Aerially Support Somatic and Other Wellness Practitioners?

The Aerially approach to somatics uses an existing material common to many yoga, circus, and wellness practices in a novel way.  Massage tables are bulky, expensive, and often do not meet our ergonomic needs.  Aerial fabrics plus mounting equipment weigh less than half even the lightest of tables, and can fit in a satchel or backpack with ease.

As we respond to the needs of our clients for in-home or in-community care, and recognize the freedom of moving away from traditional office spaces, the strongest considerations after client safety and comfort is portability and protecting our own bodies.  

Aerials are: 

-Lightweight, compact, easy to travel with

-designed to support body weight in both stillness and flow

-soft and supportive, with multiple ways to support body position for the practitioner and the client

-uniquely suited to provide pressure and feedback that can mimic touch

-Can be set up in naturalistic settings: playgrounds, gyms, home doorways.

-encouraging of postural and positional variances to reduce repetitive motion injuries

-Washable, durable, compact, and easy to store

The base price for a full kit of fabrics, straps, and a doorframe portable mounting kit is under $150, half that or less if using existing equipment or load bearing frames.  

Where is this offered?

Aerially is offered as both a workshop for practitioners and as an add-on modality for individual, in-person session work.  
Individaul sessions can be hosted in the clients home at the in-person session rate plus an added materials cost.  Practitioner training is subject to availability of a site that can safely mount multiple aerials, ideally an existing aerial yoga, rope, or similar studio.  Please contact me if you are a studio or site interested in hosting training.

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