Somatic Experiencing

Ease, connection, joy...these are our human right, but oppression, trauma, and illness can disrupt this.  Sam offers strengths-based sessions that blend a variety of tools, rooted in evidence-informed approaches to integrating disruptive, traumatic experiences into wholeness.  If you are tired of just coping, or seem stuck in the same anger or pain and none of your resources are working, Sam works gently and playfully to support increasing your capacity for positive experiences while also teaching functional, practical self-management tools.

Workshops & Classes

Sam spent 6 years in professional workforce development for statewide and national training institutes, including dedicated time as part of a university training and evaluation team.  She's spent a decade in volunteer education with passionate learners and teachers. She continues to learn, teach, and facilitate in various communities.  Learn more about topics and modalities on offer.

Creative Arts & Aerial Awareness

Creativity, movement, rhythm: our collective humanity, and our collective healing, is based in the pleasure and power of art.  Creative expression is both an outcome of wellness and safety, and a path to finding it. Sam engages in art as both a tool to support embodied health and regulation, and as a way to share healing opportunities outside of traditional office based environments.

Collaborations & Research

Sam has over 15 years of technical experience in cross-systems collaborations, policy design, grants, and large scale research, blending clinical and scientific expertise.  Technical assistance or contract work is by direct negotiation and based on current interests and availability.

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