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Creative Arts

Creativity, movement, rhythm: our collective humanity, and our collective healing, is based in the pleasure and power of art.  Creative expression is both an outcome of wellness and safety, and a path to finding it. Sam engages in art as both a tool to support embodied health and regulation, and as a way to share opportunities for curiosity and embodied delight outside of traditional office-based environments.

Sam is an analog/tabletop game designer with a focus on embedding thinking frameworks for critical analysis and somatic awareness into game design.  Learn more about Sam's games on their game design page

Sam engages in various art forms, with a  particular focus on embodied arts and improvisational work.  They are currently learning several forms of traditional and modern dance. In 2015-2017 Sam traveled North America participating in several special art events doing aerial partnered performances combining acroyoga with dance & storytelling, including performing at the City of Toronto's annual Nuit Blanche festival.

Sam is active as a volunteer in the Burning Man arts community: participating in building large effigies, co-creating projects with artist collectives, and received funding for an interactive art project on trauma & consent at Constellation 2019, an official Burning Man Regional event.  She contributes her art of presence to volunteering in Temple spaces and as a Black Rock Ranger, a form of community mediator.

Sam is interested in offering artistic practices and designs around delight and play to communities, and incorporating art & movement in healing spaces.  

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