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Standard video session rates are $200 per 60 min session.  A $50 discount off full session rates is available to Black, Indigenous, and immigrant clients ($150).  Please request the free consult or contact via the Chat link option if you are interested in discounted sessions.   I'm open to negotiating FEEs (Fair Equitable Exchanges) that include partial barter, session trade, time banks, and other alternatives to cash economy norms if agreeable to both parties. 

Sessions are held via Doxy, or, if captioning is needed, Google Meet, both with accounts that meet the highest level of health care online security standards in the USA.

In person sessions to supplement virtual sessions start at $200 and are based on travel schedule. Discounts are available for group sequential in-person bookings at the same location.

For those interested in somatic exploration and skills only, please contact me for rates.  This is an affordable way to experience somatic techniques in an individual or small group way, virtually or in person.  

For all in-person sessions, use the contact form below to find out more.

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In person sessions based on travel schedules. 
Online video counseling anywhere.

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